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Sustainable Farming

Learn about Sustainable farming with Kevin, the farm manager, who obtained his degree in horticulture in the region. 

We make our own honey. Suit up and come see the bees from up close and discover honey collecting.

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Making Honey

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Daisy Chalet is home to many bird species, as it is one of the only green spaces around. You can spot them in the tall cactus trees called 'Euphorbia ingens'.



Learn about the culture of the men and women who help make Daisy Chalet what it is. Participate in the arrange Pokot dances occasionally held on the farm.

Located on the Equator, Daisy Chalet is ideal for spending an evening star gazing by the heat of the fire. Late in the night, you can see the all extend of the Milky way. 

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Bonfire &
Star gazing

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Explore the Farm

Explore the Region

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